7 Most Evil Serial Killers In World History

This is the list of serial killers, The serial killer is a killer who killed more than three or more peoples. And there is a gap of three and four gaps. This is the list of serial killers of the 20th century to present day by a number of victims.

1) Luis Garavito


Luis Garavito also  “La Bestia” or “The Beast”, Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos. He is the world most famous ruthless serial killers with 139 confirmed/proven murders but he confessed to 147 murders. But police said it is responsible for more than 300 peoples. Local media dubbed this man as the ‘world’s worst serial killer’. His victims are boys between the age group 8 and 16.  Garavito studied in school only for 5 years and at the age of 16 he left home and started working. Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos was born in Génova, Quindío, Colombia on January 25, 1957. He was the eldest of the 7 siblings. During his imprisonment, he helps police to find bodies of victims.

2) Pedro López

Pedro-LópezPedro Alonso López is a is a Colombian serial killer, who was sentenced for killing 80 girls. But it claimed and raped more than 300 girls than killed. He was born on 8 October 1948 in Santa Isabel, Tolima, Colombia. His Date of apprehended is 9 March 1980. López was released in 1998 from a psychiatric hospital on good behavior after initially being found insane. His father was a member of the Colombian Conservative Party during La Violencia. He said his mother caught him fondling in 1957 when he was only eight years old. At the age 12, he was taken in by an American family.

3) Daniel Camargo Barbosa


Daniel Camargo Barbosa was a Colombian serial killer. Was born on 22 January 1930 and died on 13 November 1994. He raped and killed more than 150 Columbian girls. His cause of death is Retaliatory murder. When he was child his mother died and his father was overbearing and emotionally distant. He raised by his stepmother who punished him. He was first arrested in Bogotá on 24 May 1958. Daniel fell in love with woman Esperanza (age 28) he planned to marry her but he found that she is not a virgin. In November 1984 Camargo escaped from Gorgona prison.

4) Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Pedro-Rodrigues-FilhoPedro Rodrigues Filho is a Brazilian serial killer. His Nickname is Pedrinho Matador. He was arrested in 1973, in 2003 he was convicted of murdering at least 71 people and sentenced to 128 years in prison. Pedro Rodrigues Filho was born on a farm in Santa Rita do Sapucaí. At the age of 14, he murdered the vice-Mayor of Alfenas, Minas Gerais. Because he fired his father. He took refuge in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo where he murdered a drug dealer. There he met with Maria Aparecida Olympia he living with her. They lived together but Olympia killed by a ganged member. Then he finds each and every one who killed Olympia.

5) Yang Xinhai

Yang-XinhaiYang Xinhai was a Chinese serial killer who confessed to committing 67 murders and 23 rapes between 1999 and 2003. He was also known as Yang Zhiya and Yang Liu. His cause of death is Execution by firing squad on 14 February 2004. Yang was born on 29 July 1968 in Zhengyang County, Zhumadian, Henan Province, China. His family was the poorest family. He was youngest of four children he was a very clever man. At the age of 17, he dropped out from school.


6) Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei-ChikatiloAndrei Romanovich Chikatilo was a Soviet serial killer, was also known as Butcher of Rostov, the Red Ripper, and the Rostov Ripper,  who committed the sexual assault, murder, and mutilation of at least 52 women and children between 1978 and 1990. He was born on 16 October 1936 and died on 14 February 1994 at the age of 57 in Russia. He married with Feodosia Odnacheva and have two children. His parents are farm labor and they are very poor. They have no much food for eating. Andrei Chikatilo told his story that at the age of twelve he has no such food and clean water for drinking. At the teen age, he was a model student and an ardent Communist.

7) Gary Leon Ridgway

web_garyridgway1Gary Leon Ridgway is an American serial killer known as the Green River Killer, Born on February 18, 1949. He is also known as The Green River Killer. He convicted of 48 separate murders and later confessed to nearly twice that number. Gary is most prolific American serial killer. He murdered many women but most of the themes are prostitutes. The press gave him the name of Green River. He was arrested in 2001 when he was moving to another city. Gary caught through DNA evidence. He married 19-year-old high school girlfriend Claudia Kraig.

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