7 Facts About The Amazon Rainforest You Didn’t Know

7 Facts About The Amazon Rainforest You Didn’t Know


The Amazon rainforest is also known in English as Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle. It’s world largest forest. It’s cover 7,000,000 square kilometers area. The 60% of the forest is located in Brazil and other is 13% in Peru and 10% in Colombia and other parts are in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. 56% of the dust fertilizing the Amazon rainforest comes from the Bodélé depression in Northern Chad in the Sahara desert.

7 Facts:

1) There are many fruits tree also in the forest. 80% of the food we eat came from rainforests. These foods are we use in our daily routines such as coffee, pineapples, chocolate, potatoes, rice, tomatoes, bananas, black pepper, and corn. These forest cover 7% area of whole earth and 50% of animals are living in this forest.

2) These forests are completely dark. The tree’s branches almost stop 98% sunlight came to earth. More than 3000 fruits are found in this forest.

3) The soil of rainforest is really fertile to support such a huge range of plant and animal life. Its land is really good farming. That why many farmers want to grow vegetables and crops and fruits. You can grow almost anything in this soil.

4) These forests have a large area that why ‘the world’s lungs’, It gives 70% of oxygen. If the rainforest is cutting, as usual, we must lose rain forest in next 40 years. If you want to travel in this forest keep in mind that it’s a dangerous forest.

5) There is also river flow between the forest which is called Amazon River. It is called rainforest because in some parts of Amazon forest its rain almost every day. Some parts of the forest are hot all the year.

6) There are many tribes are living in the forest, which has no connection with the entire world. More than 400 to 500 homes are in Forest. These tribes are living with their own style. They don’t use the modern technology.

7) Due to a thickness of plants and trees the water of rain comes on the ground take 10 minutes. 70% of cancer medicines comes from this forest. The average temperature is  70 and 85° F.

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