7 Hardest Languages To Learn In The World

Learning different language is not so easy, Especially for difficult languages. Some languages are easier to learn and some are difficult. Some languages are naturally difficult than others. Especially for English speakers, it’s difficult to speak. There are more than 600 languages are spoken around the world. And every language has unique story and history. many languages have common traits with English. Easier language is learned that which is similar to your language.

7) Tagalog Language


The other name of Tagalog language is Filipino. Almost 28 million people Tagalog as their first language and 45 million as their second language. Tagalog word is divided into two parts tag-blog which means “from the river.” This language is written in the form of the bay in a primitive form of the alphabet. Pedro de San Buenaventura a Franciscan wrote first Tagalog dictionary in 1613. After some years another man Paul Klein wrote another dictionary. On December 13, 1937, Tagalog become the national language of Philippine. Tagalog is the fifth most spoken language in the United States. English is also the famous language of Philippine. Nowadays it’s difficult to find people who speak purely Filipino.

6) Finnish Language


The Finnish language is not an easy language its most difficult language also called  Suomi. Spoken in  Finland and outside  Finland by ethnic Finns. It’s officially minority language in Sweden. It’s group of languages belonging to the Uralic language family. There are four national languages in Europe and finish is one of them. Finnish words are different from other languages. This language is synthetic and an agglutinative language. Its official language since a late 19th century. The dialects of this language are divided into two groups Western and Eastern and the modern Finnish language includes two primary varieties. Today more than 6 million people speak Finnish.

Examples of Finnish words

Yksi (One), Kaki (Two), Me (We), Suomi (House)

5) Basque Language


It’s a difficult language spoken by the Basques. It’s one of language which has very strong root in history. Some peoples in northeast Spain or south-west France also speak this language. Many people think that this language is actually bilingual. No one knows about the history of this language when it’s started. This language includes many Roman letters. in the 1960s the new standardized version of this language is introduced by  Euskara Batua. Spanish and French both taught this language in their school. The standard name of this language is Euskara. The native speakers of Basque are 715,000.

Examples of Basque words

Bai (Yes), Kaixo!, Agur! (Hello), Ikusi Arte (See you!), Eskerrik Asko! (Thank you!)

4) Navajo Language


Navajo is a verb-centered language, The interesting fact is that in this language description is described through a verb. The language is spoken in across the western areas of North America. It’s spoken primarily in the Southwestern United States. In 2011 the estimated speaker of this language is 170,000. This language actually comes from a different indigenous language. In the world war 2, this language is used as the code language because at that time there is no dictionary is published yet. In 1943 the first Navajo dictionary is published.

3) Icelandic Language


Icelandic is a North Germanic language. Mostly spoken in Iceland. The native speakers of a language are 331,000. It’s the mother tongue of Icelanders. It’s also the birthday of famous writer Jónas Hallgrímsson. Each year the minister of Culture attributes the award Icelandic language. Every child named by approved names. In Iceland, every person is addressed by their first given name.

2) Polish Language


About 50 million people in the world speak Polish. 38 million people in Poland and 12 million in the United Kingdom. There are also large speaking communities can also be found in the USA. Some speakers are also found in Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Argentina, Brasil, and Belarus. There are 32 alphabets found in this polish language. Polish is similar to Czech and Slovak languages.

1) Chinese


Chines language is one of the most difficult languages in the world. There are more than 40.000 symbols in this language.  It is the official language in People’s Republic China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is also one of the oldest languages 4000 years ago. It also called tonal language the meaning of language has changed the tone. There are four tones use in chines flat, rising, falling then rising and falling. If you want to learn Chines language you must focus on the tone of language. Chinese grammar is easy there are no verb tenses.

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