7 Historical Places in Canada Must Visit Before You Die

These are the list of seven famous historical places in Canada, Visit before your die.

1) Camp Hughes:

Location: Manitoba Canada

Camp Hughes was a Famous Canadian military training camp. Located in the west of the town of Carberry in Manitoba, Canada. The camp is used for army training during 1909 to 1934. In 2011 the military camp was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada. The oldest name of the camp is Camp Sewell and the name of the camp was changed in 1915 “Camp Hughes” in honor of Major-General Sir Sam Hughes. After 85 years the trench system at Camp Hughes is still intact. And it’s the only world war one ear trench system which is still active today. Now the area is open for public and it is not useful for the military purpose. The bunkers at the sights are permanently closed.

2) Chateau St. Louis:


The building was the official residence of the French Governor of New France. Later this building was used for the residence of Lieutenant-Governor of Lower Canada. This site was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 2002. The first building was built under the direction of Governor Charles Huault de Montmagny in 1648. The St. Louis was destroyed by fire in January 1834 after this its rebuilt by time to time. Now the site is now occupied by Chateau Frontenac hotel. In the 1830s the house is also used for the summer home.

3) Halifax Harbour:


Halifax Harbour is a historic port city of Halifax when you walk along the Halifax waterfront. it is summer activities spot in Halifax. It is a  beautiful 4-km boardwalk that stretches along the waterfront, water-front makes its look beautiful. The harbor includes Northwest Arm, The Narrows, and Bedford Basin. Bedford Basin is the largest part of the harbor. There are many several small islands in Harbour.

4) Ninstints:


Ninstints is the village site and forest area of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. This site is a World Heritage Site, and a National Historic Site of Canada. The village is on southernmost of Haida villages.

5) Signal Hill, St. John’s:


Signal Hill is the historical place in the city of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. This historical mountain is since from mid 17th century. The battle of Battle of Signal Hill which is fought in 1762 in North America. The site previously called “The Lookout” Lt. Colonel Amherst renamed it. The first construction period of the site is started in the 18th century.

6) Ottawa Jail Hostel:


The Ottawa Jail Hostel is historical jail locate in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, With 1 numbers of wars. The jail was closed in 1972, After closing the Hostelling International purchased and converted the building. This hostel was adapted in a Canadian television series The Girly Ghosthunters. This was the major jail in Ottawa for over a century. The structure was built in 1862. The jail was design by Henry Horsey. In 2011 the former jail was converted into outdoor bars.

7) Dawson City, Yukon:


The Town of the City of Dawson also known as Dawson City or Dawson is a small town of  Yukon, Canada. The population of this city is 1600 in 2016. The area cover is 32.45 km. The small city is located in the center of  Klondike Gold Rush. The peoples start living there in 1896. The population of this city is dropped after World War II. The average temperature of this city is 15.7 °C to 26.0°C. The highest temperature records in 35.0 °C in 1899 and the lowest temperature records in 1947. The surface of the town is hard frozen earth. The electricity is provided by  Yukon Energy Corporation (YEC). Most of the power plant is hydroelectric power.


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