7 Interesting Facts About Bananas

Millions of bananas are eaten every day. And billions of bananas are consumed every year and it’s the most popular fruit in the US. There are many health benefits of bananas if you eat it regularly. Here is the list of some special facts of bananas. Bananas are good for old peoples because they eat it easily.


Facts of bananas:

Fact 1):

Banana is really healthy fruit for your heart. Bananas are rich in a mineral called potassium. So eat bananas for the happy and healthy heart. The weight of average banana is around 125 grams. Banana contains 75% of water. Bananas are grown for thousand of years. Most bananas are grown in Southeast Asia.

Fact 2):

Bananas are grown on earth for thousands of years. They are grown not in trees there trees are like herb. Bananas are not only just found in Yellow color is also found in red color. The rows of bananas are called “hand”. Bananas have nutritional value and are a healthy snack.

Fact 3): 

Cavendish banana is the most popular type of bananas are now available in the market nowadays. China passed a new law that banned people from seductively eating bananas on a live stream in 2016. Banana is high in fiber. One banana provides ten percent of daily fiber requirement. They also provide vitamins V6and they are rich in Folic Acid, Calcium, iron, and Vitamin. India is world biggest bananas producer country.

Fact 4):

Bananas are also called natural mood booster, The people who are depressed must eat bananas, Its help to control bananas. The word bananas are taken from Arabic is mean “Banan”, Banan means finger in Arabic. Bananas are also used for skin rejuvenator, Your skin glow and you look young for a long time.

Fact 5):

The shape of bananas is curved because they grow upside-down towards the sun. It’s considered the third most popular fruit in the world. The trees of bananas are not considered as trees but its biggest herb in the world.

Fact 6):

After 196os, peoples started smokings peels of bananas. The bunch of bananas is called “hand”.  Banana fibers are used to make ropes and tea bags. In liquid inside in bananas peels are used to polish the shoes. In some parts of Africa, the bananas are used for making wine and beer.

Fact 7):

Twinkies were originally banana flavored. Bananas float in water. American eats 27 pounds of bananas each year. Bananas peels are also used for whiten teeth.

Top Banana Producing Countries:

  • India – 11 million metric tonnes
  • Brazil – 6.34 million metric tonnes
  • Ecuador – 5 million metric tonnes
  • China – 4.81 million metric tonnes
  • Philippines – 3.56 million metric tonnes
  • Indonesia – 3.17 million metric tonnes

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