7 Most Amazing Buildings of the World

There are many tallest and biggest mega-structure in the world. but some buildings are amazing to see, how these buildings are built. These are the list of seven amazing and beautiful house.

1) Dalí Theatre and Museum

Dalí Theatre and Museum

The Dalí Theatre and Museum is amazing building its a museum of artist Salvador Dalí in his hometown Figueres, in Catalonia, Spain.  Salvador Dalí is also buried there. The old museum was burnt during the civil war so Dali decides to rebuild the museum again.The museum is open in 1974. The museum also has a collection of some other artist collected by Dali. The second floor of the museum is a friend of Dali Catalan artist Antoni Pitxot. Who also director of the museum after Dali death. Dalí is buried in a crypt below the stage floor.

2) The Basket Building

The Basket Building

The basket building is located in Newark, Ohio, the United States, its former headquarters of The Longaberger Company. The company is the supplier of handcrafted maple wood baskets that’s why they design their headquarters like a basket. The company is started by  Dave Longaberger in 1973. This is the biggest basket design structure in the world.Now company put this building on sale.

3) Kansas City Public Library

Kansas City Public Library

Kansas City Public Library is a public library system they have 10 branches, established in 1873. Their most amazing branch is located in Missouri, the United States which look like books are placed on a shelf. This is the oldest library in the metropolitan Kansas City area.

4) WonderWorks


WonderWorks is an entertainment center in the United States. It looks like a upside-down building, as you look in the picture the building design from inside is also as out side. It’s a great attraction for a science student. If you saw once this building believes me you don’t miss it again. There is a chain of many others entertainment centers.

5) Cube house

Cube house

Cube houses are set of house made of the same design in  Rotterdam and Helmond in the Netherlands. architect Piet Blom design these house with the idea of living as an urban roof. The design presents the villages in the city.Each house looks like a tree and all house forest.built in 1977 there is 39 house total. The ground floor of the house is used for just interference and the two-bed room is on the second floor. and a small garden is made on the top floor. 100 square meter is total area of the house.

6) Dancing House

Dancing House

The Dancing House is an amazing building just like the building is DNC since and moving. Located on in Prague, Czech Republic. Czech architect Vlado Milunić design these buildings. The building was design in 1992 and construction complete in 1996. another name of the building is Fred and Ginger. The building is built on the place where some house is destroyed by U.S. bombing of Prague in 1945.

7)  Stone Castle

Casa do Penedo

Stone Castle is also called Casa do Penedo is an architectural monument located between Celorico de Basto and Fafe, in northern Portugal. The house is made of rock. It’s strong house the construction built in 1972 and complete in 1974. Now the house is used for a small museum. There is no electricity is side house.

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