7 Most Beautiful Cats In The World

7 Most Beautiful Cats In The World

The cat is a small, typically furry, carnivorous mammal. It’s also called house cats and people like it as a house pet. Most people have cats for hunt vermin. There are more than 70 types of cats around the world. Can have the ability to hear sound with too high frequency. Cats have a better sense of smell than humans. The breeding rate of cat is high.

7) Colonel Meow Cat:

Colonel Meow Cat

In 2012, Colonel Meow Cat was most famous cat over the Internet. The Persian breed cat has the Guinness record for having the longest fur. His owner introduced his pictures on social media and soon the cat became world famous for his expressions and unique beauty. And now this cat is among our list of most beautiful cats in the world. The cat is a social media sensation. It becomes most famous when its photos went viral. This cat has longest fur of about nine inches, which made a world record. The face of this cat is black and body is half white. When you see its face it will seem you angry.

6) Grumpy Cat:

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat is born on 4 April 2012, the real name of this cat is Tardar Sauce. Its female cat and got fame on the internet when its pictures went viral. This beautiful cat is also known for grumpy facial expression. The owner of this cat is Tabatha Bundesen. He says, he loves his pet cat when he uploads this pic on Reddit, it went viral. Well, other cats are famous for their naughty and cute looks on the internet. Grumpy cat is always Grumpy, you will see her giving the same grumpy and sad expression in every picture on social media. But in spite, she is a star on social media and people love her.

5) Lil Bub Cat:

Lil Bub Cat

Lil Bub is famous American cat and famous for its appearance, also knows as “Perma-Kitten”. It’s photos first viral on Tumbler then hits on the Internet. Lil Bub‘s owner posted her pictures on the internet which went viral and soon everybody on the social media was talking about the beauty of this cat. Social Media made her a celebrity and now she has a large number of followers on Instagram and Facebook. Its name is Lil Bub because of eyes. She was also diagnosed with a rare bone disorder, osteopetrosis. Her owner Mike adopted her when a friend of his asked him to give this beautiful cat for the home to live and he falls in love with his cat.

4) Maru Cat:

Maru Cat

Maru is Japanese cat. It’s a male Scottish Fold. Born on May 24, 2007. It has millions of fan around the world, its video on YouTube viewed thousand of times. Maru has the Guinness book of world record because the videos that featured this beautiful cat has more than 325 million views on YouTube. The Guinness book of world record tagged Maru as the most watched individual animal on the internet. There are many other pictures of Maru are available over the internet you can easily search it.

3) Meet Smoothie Cat:

Meet Smoothie Cat

Smoothie is a British Longhair cat, also known as photogenic. In 2013, video of this cat viewed 200 million times. It is also the most famous cat on Instagram. It looks like other cats when it comes in an empty box. Smoothie is a hotty on Instagram and Facebook. Smoothie has 135000 followers on Instagram. Facebook page of smoothie has also too many likes and followers reaching to 130935. So, all in all, Smoothie is a star on social media.

2) Meet Thor Cat:

Meet Thor Cat

Thor is officially 3 years old and it is the cross-breed of leopard Asian Cat and Domesticated Cat. The looks of Thor had made him the most loved cat celebrity on Facebook and also on Instagram. Thor, The Bengal cat is a beautiful cat that touches our soul. It has green eyes which make it look beautiful. Some people saw it and thought that its eyes are not natural but they are 100% natural. It’s a Bengal cat. It’s so interesting cat. Due to the beautiful cat, it attracts both peoples who love a cat or not.

1) Snoopy The Cat:

Snoopy the Cat

Snoopy the Cat is a most beautiful cat in the world because of its beautiful round face, its living in China. The Snoopy is quite popular on social media and she has almost 360k followers on her Instagram page, her page name is “Snoopy Babe” you can log into your account and see the beautiful jaw dropping cute pictures of this cute babe on the Instagram. She is a female cat, the owner of this cat loves her and took pictures every day. Her body is chubby and huggable and she has big eyes.

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