7 People Who Died While Taking Selfies

After releasing front-facing phone camera everyone wants to take selfies and capture himself with friends, Due to selfies craze some people’s show off their background. They want to show where they sitting what they eating and all this, some are standing in most dangerous places and take selfies to show that they are brave and share them on social media. There are many teenagers who died while taking selfies.

(1) Anna Ursu


Anna Ursu was a Romanian teen who died while taking selfies she wants to take a selfie to touch the live wire standing on a train roof. She went with his friend to a train station in a town of Iasi. She wants to take special selfies on the top of the locomotive. When she was taking selfies she touches a live wire which causes her death. The peoples there said she burst into flames. She died in hospital 50% of her body is burned because of its high voltage wire. She wants to take special selfies and post in on Facebook. The line across 27000 volts which high hit the miss Ursu and she died.

(2) Sylwia Rajchel

sylwia rajchel

Sylwia Rajchel was Polish tourist who wants to take a selfie on the top of the bridge and died. She wants to take a selfie on a bridge which is 20 feet high from the water. She came to spend her holiday in Spain and slip from the bridge and died. Sylwia was 23 years old and belong to the city of Lublin in eastern Poland. She can not balance herself and slip from the bridge. She studied nursing in a Medicine in Posada. Her mother said her dream is to go to Spain. She was a beautiful and smiling lady.

(3) Oscar Otero Aguilar


Nowadays everyone wants a gun and fire, The young peoples keep the gun when they have enemies and groups of a gangster. Playing with guns are dangerous but taking selfies with guns kill you. Aguilar was a man who was lived in Mexico was playing with a gun he wants to take a selfie with the gun and mistaken shoot and he died. He has craze of taking selfies with expensive cars motorcycle and pretty woman. The neighbor heard the gunshot and called the police when police arrived he is still alive but on the way to the hospital, he died.

(4) Lee’s Summit


Lee’s Summit is a 26-year-old woman who is traveling to the Lake of the Ozarks for her bachelorette party. The car was a crash on Friday at 2:52. The car coming toward the road also crash with the accident. She was taking a selfie and her attention is diverted and lose her control on a car. The other girl Garber was wearing a seat belt she faces serious injured.

(5) Xenia Ignatyeva


She was 17-year-old girl died while taking a selfie on a 30 feet railway bridge. After a month she was celebrated her 18 birthday she has craze of taking selfies and put them on Facebook. When she fell down she touched with 1500 volt high voltage wires. Police said she wants to take a selfie at night which gives a nice background. But she loses his balance and fell down on the side of the bridge. She was alive when she hit the ground. Many teen has craze to take photos on railways tracks.

(6) Cheyenne Holloway


Miss Holloway was 21 years old she was standing on a rock the rock slip and the Holloway fell down on a pathway.Her boyfriend taking his picture his age is 23. She also has a band called Burning Blue. Two weeks ago she decides to take a trip of hiking.

(7) Polish couple


In 2014 a  Polish couple visit to the cliff in Portugal’s Cabo da Roca, They take a selfie and fell down in water. It’s a  popular tourist in the area in Portuguese. This was Saturday evening when the incident happened. They had two children one is 5 and one is 6 years old they are now under control of polish diplomate.

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