7 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

There are many Horror and terrifying place on earth. Here is a list of seven most horror places on earth, we collect seven most horror place around the world.

7) Riddle House

riddle House

Riddle house is a Haunted place in United State located in  Palm Beach County, Florida. Was built in 1905 by Henry Flagler’s hotel construction workers. Karl Riddle but this home in 1920. He was a city manager of West Palm Beach.In 1995 the house was moved to Yesteryear Village. The house was built by using the leftover wood. The address of the house is 327 Acacia Street in West Palm Beach. The house was originally a funeral parlor known as Gatekeeper’s Cottage. Joseph is a man who was employee in-house commit suicide. The worker there also notice some paranormal activities.

6) Helltown


Helltown is a haunted area located in Ohio United State. Boston Village was founded in 1806. It’s one of the oldest villages in Ohio. It’s known for horror spot where ghosts, cults, and serial killers lurk. After night the town is empty no one goes there. many peoples died there.

5) Stull Cemetery


Stull is an unincorporated community in Douglas County, Kansas, United States. This horror place is also known as a doorway to hell. In 19 century when the community found it its originally called Deer Creek. The peoples of Germany living there in 19 century. April 27, 1899, a small post office was established in town. The first mill was built in early 1820.

4) The Ridges

The Ridges

The Ridges formerly called the Athens Lunatic Asylum. It was actually a mental hospital operated in Athens, Ohio from 1874 until 1993. The hospital provides services to various patients like Civil War veterans and children. Now the house is converted into Kennedy Museum of Art. There are many horrible incidents happened there that’s why it’s called the haunted place.

3) Humberstone and LaNoria

Humberstone and LaNoria

These are two former saltpeter refineries located in northern Chile. Also known as a haunted place. It’s a former mining town in the Atacama Desert. you saw there some scrape missionary and houses. Located several kilometers from Peru and Bolivia.

2) Byberry Mental Asylum

Byberry Mental Asylum

It’s a mental hospital located on Byberry Road in Pennsylvania. The name of this hospital is changed many times. the building was constructed 1907 and the mid-1920s. There are total 50 buildings including kitchen laundry. Its name change in 1936 Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry.

1) Shades of Death Road

Shades of Death Road

Many horror stories are associated with Shades of Death Road. Located in New Jersey.


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