7 Interesting Facts about the Pyramids of Egypt


Pyramids of Egypt: Egyptian pyramids are a big structure in the world. These oldest buildings are built for Pharaoh Djoser. Great Pyramids of Giza is one of the biggest building in the world. It’s one of the biggest man-made structures in history. #1) The design of these Pyramids are unique and different. The Pyramid design is a great example of a mathematician. This pyramid was ...

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7 Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate


Everyone wants to spend life in a peace zone. many countries have much crime rate, but there are also some countries which have low crime rate than other. It’s not easy to control the crime rate especially with billions of population countries. It’s a tough task for police to control the crime. 7) Cyprus Cyprus is a safe country and experiences ...

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7 Giant Statues And Monuments From Around The World

There are many Giant mountains around the world including K2 and Mount Everest. But there is also man-made human structure available in the world. You can be found massive monuments and statues all over the planet. There are some less-explored monuments which are hidden from peoples, we collect some these types of monuments. These monuments are built to commemorate memorable historical figures. ...

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7 Most Evil Serial Killers In World History


This is the list of serial killers, The serial killer is a killer who killed more than three or more peoples. And there is a gap of three and four gaps. This is the list of serial killers of the 20th century to present day by a number of victims. 1) Luis Garavito Luis Garavito also  “La Bestia” or “The Beast”, ...

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