7 Historical Places in Canada Must Visit Before You Die


These are the list of seven famous historical places in Canada, Visit before your die. 1) Camp Hughes: Location: Manitoba Canada Camp Hughes was a Famous Canadian military training camp. Located in the west of the town of Carberry in Manitoba, Canada. The camp is used for army training during 1909 to 1934. In 2011 the military camp was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada. The oldest name of the camp ...

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7 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

The Ridges

There are many Horror and terrifying place on earth. Here is a list of seven most horror places on earth, we collect seven most horror place around the world. 7) Riddle House Riddle house is a Haunted place in United State located in  Palm Beach County, Florida. Was built in 1905 by Henry Flagler’s hotel construction workers. Karl Riddle but this home in 1920. He ...

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7 Dangerous Roads in the World

Pan-American Highway

Road, bridge, and infrastructure are must for the development of any country. Every government wants to change the infrastructure and road for the better lifestyle and peoples. But there are many road and trips where peoples are not safe these roads are dangerous. these are the list of seven most dangerous roads. 1) Trans-Siberian Highway The Trans-Siberian Highway is a road ...

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7 Most Dangerous Bridges in The World

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The bridges are normally used for moving from one height to another. Some bridges are made up of steel wires or ropes. Now with the time, there are many longest bridges around the world. Some are connected two countries. Here are seven most dangerous bridge in the world hope you like this post. 1) Ghasa, Nepal The Hanging Bridge of ...

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7 Most Amazing Buildings of the World

Dancing House

There are many tallest and biggest mega-structure in the world. but some buildings are amazing to see, how these buildings are built. These are the list of seven amazing and beautiful house. 1) Dalí Theatre and Museum The Dalí Theatre and Museum is amazing building its a museum of artist Salvador Dalí in his hometown Figueres, in Catalonia, Spain.  Salvador Dalí is also buried there. The ...

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7 Oldest Universities In The World

University of Salamanca

Education is necessary for everyone, Every child needs education. That’s why almost every country in the world working to improve the education system. There is the list of the seven oldest existing Universities in continuous operation in the world. 7) University of Bologna The University of Bologna is one of the oldest university that was founded in 1088. The Moto of the university ...

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7 Most Expensive Buildings In The World


Ther are many beautiful buildings around the world. Some are tallest buildings. including hotels resorts. Own by super wealthy peoples and governments. We have listed seven top expensive building in the world. 7) Abraj Al Bait The Abraj Al-Bait is the tallest building in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Abraj Al-Bait is government-owned mega mall complex. The cost of the building is US$15 billion. ...

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7 Best and Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe


The Europe is the 6th largest continent with many popular countries like Germany and France. Europe cover 6.7% of the Earth’s land. Europe is divided into three regions. There are some states in Europe which are a non-Europe state. The climate of Europe is also divided into four types. There are 47 countries in the Europe. There are many beautiful places to ...

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7 Beautiful Places Must Visit Before You Die


It’s a big world and there are many beautiful places around the world. We alway want to see amazing places. Different peoples have a different way to spend life some like to travel some like food, the people who like traveling always in search of beautiful places. The world is filled with beautiful places. These are the list of seven ...

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7 Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate


Everyone wants to spend life in a peace zone. many countries have much crime rate, but there are also some countries which have low crime rate than other. It’s not easy to control the crime rate especially with billions of population countries. It’s a tough task for police to control the crime. 7) Cyprus Cyprus is a safe country and experiences ...

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