7 Beautiful Places Must Visit Before You Die


It’s a big world and there are many beautiful places around the world. We alway want to see amazing places. Different peoples have a different way to spend life some like to travel some like food, the people who like traveling always in search of beautiful places. The world is filled with beautiful places. These are the list of seven ...

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7 Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate


Everyone wants to spend life in a peace zone. many countries have much crime rate, but there are also some countries which have low crime rate than other. It’s not easy to control the crime rate especially with billions of population countries. It’s a tough task for police to control the crime. 7) Cyprus Cyprus is a safe country and experiences ...

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7 Hardest Languages To Learn In The World


Learning different language is not so easy, Especially for difficult languages. Some languages are easier to learn and some are difficult. Some languages are naturally difficult than others. Especially for English speakers, it’s difficult to speak. There are more than 600 languages are spoken around the world. And every language has unique story and history. many languages have common traits with English. ...

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7 Giant Statues And Monuments From Around The World

There are many Giant mountains around the world including K2 and Mount Everest. But there is also man-made human structure available in the world. You can be found massive monuments and statues all over the planet. There are some less-explored monuments which are hidden from peoples, we collect some these types of monuments. These monuments are built to commemorate memorable historical figures. ...

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7 Best American Road Trips

7 Best American Road Trips If you want to travel road trip in Ameria this information is very useful for you. This post helps you to manage a good road trip for you. There are many road and highways in America which everyone must know. Most people search for haunted places, historical places, but Road trip has also valuable and mostly ...

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7 American Festivals You Need to Attend Once in Your Life


Peoples of America come out and enjoy these events. Peoples try to enjoy some time with family and friends. American festivals provide entertainment and energy that you need. 1) New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is actually a Music and culture festival, Also called Jazz festivals. This festival is annually celebrated in New Orleans and ...

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7 Facts About The Amazon Rainforest You Didn’t Know


7 Facts About The Amazon Rainforest You Didn’t Know The Amazon rainforest is also known in English as Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle. It’s world largest forest. It’s cover 7,000,000 square kilometers area. The 60% of the forest is located in Brazil and other is 13% in Peru and 10% in Colombia and other parts are in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. 56% of the dust fertilizing ...

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7 Most Evil Serial Killers In World History


This is the list of serial killers, The serial killer is a killer who killed more than three or more peoples. And there is a gap of three and four gaps. This is the list of serial killers of the 20th century to present day by a number of victims. 1) Luis Garavito Luis Garavito also  “La Bestia” or “The Beast”, ...

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7 Highest Mountains In The World – Tallest Mountain


7 Highest Mountains In The World Almost Everyone like nature and beautiful places. Some peoples like flowerers gardens, sea rivers and some are like mountains they want to climb on the mountain. These are seven tallest mountain measured by sea level. Some mountain peaks are not so clear. 7) Dhaulagiri: The Dhaulagiri is world seventh highest mountain, Its height is  8,167 ...

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7 Shocking Facts You Don’t know about Adolf Hitler


7 Shocking Facts You Don’t know about Adolf Hitler Hitler is known as the evilest person in the history. He was responsible for starting World War II. Hitler is an energetic leader and German peoples belief on him. He was born on April 20, 1889, in the Upper Austrian border town Braunau am Inn. This place is 65 miles east of Munich. ...

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